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The importance of personal competences in the labour market

The labour market situation in a larger European Union will further increase the requirements for efficient labour office interaction between job seekers and employers; and in order to achieve better matching results, labour office staff working with job seekers and with employers must improve their counselling and their communication techniques and to “understand the language' of employers.


 This project, bringing together partners from “old” and “new” EU countries for the joint development of modular training materials, will support the Commissions goal of “making a European Area of Lifelong Learning a Reality” in labour market policy.


The main objective of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of personal competences in the job counselling and job mediation process and to develop a modular curriculum, training materials and a handbook:“Better counselling and communication skills for labour office advisers and job mediators”. All products will be designed as web-based materials for free download. 

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European vocational education programme LEONARDO DA VINCI  Project Number SK/04/B/F/PP-177401

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